Hazar-addar (Addar)

Hazar-addar (Addar) and surrounding region

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Numbers 34:4 and your border shall turn about southward of the ascent of Akrabbim, and pass along to Zin; and the goings out of it shall be southward of Kadesh Barnea; and it shall go forth to Hazar Addar, and pass along to Azmon;

ad'-ar ('addar, "glorious"): See ARD

(1) A grandson of Benjamin, sometimes counted as one of his sons (1 Chronicles 8:3).

(2) A town on the southern border of Judah (Joshua 15:3, the King James Version "Adar"). The same as Hazar-addar (Numbers 34:4).

HAZAR-AD'DAR, called Adar in Josh. 15:3, it is probable that its site is at ain el Kudeirat, between 60 and 70 ms. s.w. of the Dead Sea.
Strong's Hebrew
H2692: Chatsar-addar

a place on the S. border of Canaan

Havvoth-jair (Gilead)
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