Jokmeam 2 (Kibzaim)

Jokmeam 2 (Kibzaim) and surrounding area

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1 Chronicles 6:68 and Jokmeam with its suburbs, and Beth Horon with its suburbs,

jok'-me-am (yoqme`am): A town in Mt. Ephraim assigned to the Kohathite Levites (1 Chronicles 6:68), named along with Gezer and Beth-horon. Its place is taken by Kibzaim in Joshua 21:22 (in Septuagint here the name is omitted). It is mentioned again in 1 Kings 4:12 (the King James Version wrongly "Jokneam"), where it seems to indicate some position to the East of Ephraim. So far no identification is possible.

Jokmeam (Jokneam)
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