Uzzen-sheerah and surrounding area

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1 Chronicles 7:24 His daughter was Sheerah, who built Beth Horon the lower and the upper, and Uzzen Sheerah.

uz'-en-she'-e-ra ('uzzen she'erah; Septuagint, instead of a place-name, reads kai huioi Ozan, See ra, "and the sons of Ozan, Sheera"; the King James Version Uzzen-sherah, uzzen-she'ra): As it stands in Massoretic Text this is the name of a town built by Sheerah, daughter of Ephraim, to whom is attributed also the building of the two Beth-horons (1 Chronicles 7:24). No satisfactory identification has been proposed. Septuagint suggests that the text may have been tampered with.

Strong's Hebrew
H242: Uzzen Sheerah

"portion of Sheerah," a place in Palestine

Uzza (Jerusalem)
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