Siphmoth (Anim)

Siphmoth (Anim) and surrounding area

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Additional data from
1 Samuel 30:28 and to those who were in Aroer, and to those who were in Siphmoth, and to those who were in Eshtemoa,

sif'-moth, sif'-moth (siphmoth (Ginsburg), shiphamoth (Baer); Saphei): One of the cities to which David sent presents from Ziklag (1 Samuel 30:28). It occurs between Aroer and Eshtemoa, so it must have been somewhere in Southern Judah. The site has not been recovered. Zabdi the Shiphmite (1 Chronicles 27:27) may quite probably have been a native of this place.

Strong's Hebrew
H8224: Siphmoth or Shiphamoth

a place in S. Judah

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