Chesil (Baalath-beer)

Chesil (Baalath-beer) and surrounding region

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Joshua 15:30 Eltolad, Chesil, Hormah,

ke'-sil, kes'-il (kecil; A, Chaseir): A town in the extreme South of Judah named with Eltolad, Hormah and Ziklag (Joshua 15:30). The name does not occur again. In Joshua 19:4 it is replaced by Bethul (Septuagint Baithel), and in 1 Chronicles 4:30 by Bethuel. "Chesil" may have arisen from a misreading of the text.

Strong's Hebrew
H3686: Kesil

a place in S. Judah

Chesalon (Kesalon)
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