Achshaph and surrounding region

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Joshua 11:1 It happened, when Jabin king of Hazor heard of it, that he sent to Jobab king of Madon, to the king of Shimron, to the king of Achshaph,

Joshua 12:20 the king of Shimron Meron, one; the king of Achshaph, one;

Joshua 19:25 Their border was Helkath, Hali, Beten, Achshaph,


ak'-shaf ('akhshaph, "sorcery," or "fascination"): A city in the northern part of the territory conquered by Joshua. The king of Achshaph was a member of the coalition against Israel under Jabin and Sisera. It is mentioned with Hazor, Megiddo, Taanach, etc., in the list of conquered kings. It is one of the cities marking the boundaries of the tribe of Asher (Joshua 11:1; Joshua 12:20; Joshua 19:25). Several attempts have been made to identify the site of it, but explorers are not agreed as to the identification.

ACHSHAPH (pron. ak'shaf); now culled Iksaf, 104 ms. n. of Jerusalem, 1835 ft. above the Mediterranean, and 16 1/2 ms. due e. From Tyre.
Strong's Hebrew
H407: Akshaph

a place in N. Canaan

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