Shimron-meron (Shimron)

Shimron-meron (Shimron) and surrounding region

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Joshua 12:20 the king of Shimron Meron, one; the king of Achshaph, one;

shim'-ron-me'-ron (shimron mer'on; Sumoon.... Mamroth, Codex Alexandrinus Samron.... Phasga.... Maron): A royal city of the Canaanites, the king of which was slain by Joshua (12:20). Here the name is followed by that of Achshaph, which also follows the name of Shimron in 11:1. This suggests that the two are in reality one, and that Shimron-meron may only be the full name. A royal Canaanite city, Sam-simuruna, is mentioned in the inscriptions of Sen-nacherib, Esar-haddon and Assur-bani-pal, which Schrader (KAT2, 163) would identify with this, and thinks it may now be represented by es-Semeiri-yeh.


W. Ewing

Strong's Hebrew
H8112: Shimron Meron

a Canaanite city conquered by Joshua

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