Seirah (Bethel)

Seirah (Bethel) and surrounding region

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Judges 3:26 Ehud escaped while they waited, and passed beyond the quarries, and escaped to Seirah.

se-i'-ra, se'-i-ra (ha-se`irah; Codex Vaticanus Seteirotha; Codex Alexandrinus See irotha; the King James Version, Seirath): The place to which Ehud escaped after his assassination of Eglon, king of Moab (Judges 3:26). The name is from the same root as the foregoing, and probably applied to some shaggy forest. The quarries by which he passed are said to have been by Gilgal (Judges 3:19), but there is nothing to guide us to an identification. Eusebius, in Onomasticon, gives the name, but no indication of the site.

Strong's Hebrew
H8167: Seirah

"goat," a city in Ephraim

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