Chisloth-tabor (Chesulloth)

Chisloth-tabor (Chesulloth) and surrounding area

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Joshua 19:12 It turned from Sarid eastward toward the sunrise to the border of Chisloth Tabor. It went out to Daberath, and went up to Japhia.

ke-sul'-oth (ha-keculloth; B, Chasaloth, A, Achesaloth): A town on the border of Zebulun (Joshua 19:18), the same as Chisloth-tabor (Joshua 19:12). It is represented by the modern village Iksal on the northern edge of Esdraelon, circa 3 miles West of Mt. Tabor.

Strong's Hebrew
H3696: Kisloth Tabor

a place in Issachar

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