Beth-pelet (Hazar-shual)

Beth-pelet (Hazar-shual) and surrounding area

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Additional data from
Joshua 15:27 Hazar Gaddah, Heshmon, Beth Pelet,

Nehemiah 11:26 and in Jeshua, and in Moladah, and Beth Pelet,


beth-pe'-let (beth-peleT; Baithphaleth, "house of escape"; the King James Version Beth-palet; Joshua 15:27, Beth-phelet, the King James Version Nehemiah 11:26): One of "the uttermost cities of the tribe of the children of Judah toward the border of Edom in the (Negeb) South" (Joshua 15:21, 27). Site unknown.

Strong's Hebrew
H1046: Beth Palet

"place of escape," a place in S. Judah

Beth-pazzez (En-gannim)
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