Beer and surrounding area

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Numbers 21:16 From there they traveled to Beer: that is the well of which Yahweh said to Moses, "Gather the people together, and I will give them water."

be'-er (be'er; phrear; Latin puteus = "well"):

(1) A station on the march of the Israelites to the North of the Arnon (Numbers 21:16). Here it was that they sang round the well this song: `Spring up O well; greet it with song, Well, that the princes have dug, The nobles of the people have bored, With the scepter-with their staves' (Numbers 21:16). The place is not identified.

(2) The town to which Jotham fled from his brother Abimelech after declaring his parable from Mt. Gerizim (Judges 9:21). This may be identical with BEEROTH, which see.

Strong's Hebrew
H876: Beer

"well," a place in the desert, also one in Palestine

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