Atroth-shophan (Aroer 2)

Atroth-shophan (Aroer 2) and surrounding area

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Numbers 32:35 and Atrothshophan, and Jazer, and Jogbehah,

at'-roth-sho'fan `Troth shophan; Septuagint gen sophan: A town built or fortified by the children of Gad East of the Jordan (Numbers 32:35), named next to Aroer. If it had been at Khirbet `Attarus or Jebel `Attarus (HDB and EB, under the word) Aroer would hardly have been named between them. The King James Version reads Atroth, Shophah, understanding that two places are named. No identification is yet possible.

AT'ROTH-SHO'PHAN , this is the form in which the word should appear in Numb. 32:35. It is the same as Ataroth and in the region e. of the Dead Sea, but its exact site is not known.
Strong's Hebrew
H5855: Atroth Shophan

a place in Isr.

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