Ashan and surrounding area

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Additional data from
Joshua 15:42 Libnah, Ether, Ashan,

Joshua 19:7 Ain, Rimmon, Ether, and Ashan; four cities with their villages;

1 Chronicles 4:32 Their villages were Etam, and Ain, Rimmon, and Tochen, and Ashan, five cities;

1 Chronicles 6:59 and Ashan with its suburbs, and Beth Shemesh with its suburbs;


a'-shan (`ashan): An unknown site in the domain of Judah (Joshua 15:42), possessed by Simeon (Joshua 19:7), and mentioned among the priests' cities in 1 Chronicles 6:59. (44) = Joshua 21:16 (`ayin is a corruption of `ashan). Chorashan (or Borashan), which was probably the site of some reservoir in the Southwest part of Judah (1 Samuel 30:30), is the same as Ashan.

Strong's Hebrew
H6228: Ashan

a place in Judah and later in Simeon

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