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Numbers 32:3 "Ataroth, and Dibon, and Jazer, and Nimrah, and Heshbon, and Elealeh, and Sebam, and Nebo, and Beon,

Numbers 32:34 The children of Gad built Dibon, and Ataroth, and Aroer,


at'-a-roth, a-ta'-roth (`aTaroth, "crowns" or "wreaths"; Ataroth):

(1) A city East of the Jordan, apparently in the territory given to Reuben, but built, or fortified, by the children of Gad (Numbers 32:3, 34). It is named along with Dibon, which is identified with Dhiban. Eight miles Northeast by North of Dibon, on the South of Wady Zerqa Ma`in, stands Jebel `Attarus, in which the ancient name is preserved. The city is doubtless represented by Khirbet `Attarus, about 4 miles West of the mountain.

(2) A place on the boundary between Ephraim and Benjamin, toward the West (Joshua 16:2). It seems to be the same as Ataroth-addar of Joshua 16:5, 18:13. It is probably to be identified with the modern ed-Dariyeh South of nether Bethhoron, and about 12 1/2 miles West of Jerusalem.

(3) A place on the eastern frontier of Ephraim (Joshua 16:7). This town has not been identified. Conder thinks it may be identified with et-Truneh in the Jordan valley, or with Khirbet et-Taiyereh.

W. Ewing

AT'AROTH, there are three towns by this name.

1. One is on the east side of the Dead Sea 15 ms. s.e. of the mouth of the Jordan and on the heights 8 1/2 miles e. from the shore. There remain nothing but ruins now called Attarus. Mentioned only in Numb. 32:3, 34.

2. The second is that of Josh. 16:2, 7 which has, improbably been supposed to be at a place called Atara, 6 1/2 ms. n. by w. from Bethel, for from Josh. 15:2 this site appears off the line therein described as also does the the site of the ruins at Dariah, as proposed by Conder, one m. s.w. of the lower Beth-horon, but Archi at Arik 3 ms. n.e. from lower Beth-horon, is very probably the true site of this town anciently called Archi-ataroth, as Luz was called Bethel, Josh. 18:13. This may be the Ataroth-a'dar, or addar, of Josh. 16:5, but the third Ataroth, that of the 7th verse, is not known.

Strong's Hebrew
H5852: Ataroth

the name of several places in Isr.

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