Mephaath and surrounding region

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Joshua 13:18 Jahaz, Kedemoth, Mephaath,

Joshua 21:37 Kedemoth with its suburbs, and Mephaath with its suburbs; four cities.

1 Chronicles 6:79 and Kedemoth with its suburbs, and Mephaath with its suburbs;

Jeremiah 48:21 Judgment is come on the plain country, on Holon, and on Jahzah, and on Mephaath,


mef'-a-ath, me-fa'-ath (mepha`ath and meypha`ath, mopha`ath; Codex Vaticanus, Maiphaath, Mephaath): A city of the Amorites in the territory allotted to Reuben, named with Kedemoth and Kiriathaim (Joshua 13:18), and given to the Merarite Levites (Joshua 21:37 1 Chronicles 6:79). It appears again as a Moabite town in Jeremiah 48:21. It was known to Eusebius and Jerome (Onom) as occupied by a Roman garrison, but the site has been lost.

Strong's Hebrew
H4158: Mophaath or Mephaath or Mephaath

a Levitical city in Reuben

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