Avvim (Hebron)

Avvim (Hebron) and surrounding region

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Joshua 18:23 Avvim, Parah, Ophrah,

av'-im a'-vits `awwim; Heuaioi, also unaspirated; (also used to represent the name of the Hivites): The early inhabitants of the southern extremity of Canaan afterward occupied by the Philistines (Deuteronomy 2:23; compare Jos 13:3, 4, the King James Version "Avim," a'-vim).

The Avvim of Joshua 18:23 was a town of Benjamin, not a people. Gesenius supposes the name to mean "dwellers in the desert," but it was more probably the name of some pre-Sem tribe. The Avvim are described as living in Chatserim or "encampments" and extending as far as the outskirts of Gaza.

Strong's Hebrew
H5761: Avvim

a city in Benjamin, also a people on the S.W. coast of the Mediterranean Sea

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