Sitnah (Gerar)

Sitnah (Gerar) and surrounding region

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Genesis 26:21 They dug another well, and they argued over that, also. He called its name Sitnah.

sit'-na (siTnah, "hatred," "hostility"; echthria): The name of the second of the two wells dug by the herdsmen of Isaac, the cause of further "enmity" with the herdsmen of Gerer (Genesis 26:21, margin "That is, Enmity"). The site is unknown, but Palmer (PEFS, 1871) finds an echo of the name in Shutnet er Rucheibeh, the name of a small valley near Rucheibeh.


SITNAH, the name of a well, mentioned only in Gen. 26; 21, between Rehoboth and Beer-sheba in a small valley now called Shutneh er Ruheibeh, 17 ms. s.w. of Beersheba.
Strong's Hebrew
H7856: Sitnah

"hostility," the name of a well near Gerar

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