Kiriath-sannah (Debir)

Kiriath-sannah (Debir) and surrounding region

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Joshua 15:49 Dannah, Kiriath Sannah (which is Debir),

kir-i-ath-san'-a (qiryath sannah; the King James Version Kirjath Sannah): In Joshua 15:49 it is called "Debir," and is identical with KIRIATH-SEPHER (which see). Aspolis grammaton, "city of books," is the reading in Septuagint, the most natural explanation is that cannah, is a copyist's error for cepher, but Sayce considers this an ancient Canaanite name meaning "city of instruction," and that it occurs in the Tell el-Amarna Letters in the form "Bit' sani."

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