Beth-tappuah and surrounding region

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Joshua 15:53 Janim, Beth Tappuah, Aphekah,

beth-tap'-u-a (beth-tappuach; Beththapphoue, "place of apples" (see however APPLE)); A town in the hill country of Judah (Joshua 15:53), probably near Hebron (el Tappuah, 1 Chronicles 2:43), possibly the same as Tephon (1 Maccabees 9:50). The village of Tuffuch, 3 1/2 miles Northwest of Hebron, is the probable site; it stands on the edge of a high ridge, surrounded by very fruitful gardens; an ancient highroad runs through the village, and there are many old cisterns and caves. (See PEF, III, 310, 379, Sh XXI.)

E. W. G. Masterman

BETH-TAP'PUAH, but once mentioned, Josh. 15:53. Now Tuffuh, a little village 3 1/2ms. w. of Hebron, 2655 ft. above the sea.
Strong's Hebrew
H1054: Beth-tappuach

"place of apples," a place in Judah

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