Beth-marcaboth (Madmannah)

Beth-marcaboth (Madmannah) and surrounding region

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Joshua 19:5 Ziklag, Beth Marcaboth, Hazar Susah,

1 Chronicles 4:31 and at Beth Marcaboth, and Hazar Susim, and at Beth Biri, and at Shaaraim. These were their cities to the reign of David.


beth-mar'-ka-both (beth ha-markabhoth; Baithmachereb, "the house of chariots"): Mentioned along with Hazar-susah, "the station of horses" (Joshua 19:5 1 Chronicles 4:31) as cities in the Negeb near Ziklag. It is tempting to connect these stations with "the cities for his chariots, and the cities for his horsemen" which Solomon built (1 Kings 9:19; compare 1 Kings 10:26). The site of Beth-marcaboth has not been identified, but Guerin (La Terre Sainte. Jerusalem et le Nord de la Judee, II, 230) suggests Khan Yunas, Southwest of Gaza, as a suitable chariot city.

E. W. G. Masterman

Strong's Hebrew
H1024: Beth Hammarkaboth or Beth Markaboth

"place of chariots," a place in Simeon

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